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    Fixture Design & Fabrication - Shift 1

    Job Description

    Basic Function
    Responsible for the design, fabrication and the maintenance of records for tooling, fixtures and equipment such as racks, carts, etc. used to improve productivity in manufacturing.
    Primary Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Perform tool design and fabrication functions using skills that include the use of general mechanic and maintenance tools and the ability to operate fabricating, machining and welding equipment in the fabrication of fixtures and equipment with minimum supervision.
    2. Provide input to develop cost estimates/savings for tooling and equipment
    3. Design and fabricate equipment such as racks, carts, tables and less complicated tooling and fixtures.
    4. Blueprint/technical publication reading ability is required with the ability to read and interpret necessary instructions or specifications required to perform duties.
    5. Fabricate fixtures and tooling of a complex nature.
    6. Evaluate needs and recommend actions to improve productivity throughout the manufacturing areas.
    7. All duties must be performed in compliance with Company policies relating to safety and housekeeping.

    Essential Functions

    1. Perform work standing on concrete up to 12 hours per day.
    2. Ability to use general mechanic and maintenance tools and equipment.
    3. Ability to maneuver in congested work environment with usual working conditions associated with heavy equipment repair (exhaust, solvent, etc.)
    4. Ability to work on, in, around, and under equipment as necessary to perform duties.  Climb ladders, work platforms, stairs, etc.
    5. Ability to read and interpret necessary instructions or specifications required performing duties.
    6. Primary work assignment will require employees to be able to frequently push/pull/lift up to 45 pounds.  Employees may occasionally push/pull/lift greater than 45 pounds if they are physically able to safely do it.  Employees are encouraged to use caution at all times when pushing/pulling/lifting.  Please consider the size, shape, weight of the object to be pushed/pulled/lifted, the path and the distance you must travel along with your own physical ability.  If necessary, please seek assistance with pushing/pulling/lifting tasks.  Employees should never lift more than they are physically able to do. 
    7. Two to three years of progressive manufacturing experience and with additional welding experience.
    This description is intended as a guide only.  The listed duties may be changed at the discretion of the incumbent’s supervisor.

    Contact Information

    Business Name: Kolberg-Pioneer, Inc.
    Contact: Rhonda Kocer - Human Resources Manager
    Street: 700 W. 21st St.
    City/State/Zip: Yankton, SD 57078
    Local Phone: (605) 665-9311
    Fax: (605) 665-2623
    Email: personnel@kolbergpioneer.com
    Website Address: http://www.kpijci.com

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