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    July 26, 2017

    Yankton to Host 72nd Annual NFAA Outdoor National Field Championships, July 28-30

    Nancy Wenande

    Yankton, SD- The NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center (NEYAC) is already filling with archers from around the country as they prepare to host the National Field Archery Association’s Outdoor National Field Championships, July 28-30. Over 400 archers and their families will descend on Yankton to take their shot at a National Championship. Shooters will compete on NEYAC’s three permanent courses as well as a temporary range at Paddle Wheel Point. This 3-day tournament features a NFAA field, hunter, and animal round, with a different round shot each day. Participants will compete across a variety of age divisions and styles, including Professional divisions. The countries top professionals will compete for cash prizes, including 2016 NFAA Shooters of the Year Paige Pearce-Gore and Jesse Broadwater and 2016 World Archery Field Champion Steve Anderson. 
    NFAA President, Bruce Cull commented, “We are excited to welcome top archers to our ‘archery home’. Since the flood of 2011, we have been working to rebuild our ranges by clearing deadfall, planting new vegetation, and building new platforms and berms. We are confident that the archers will enjoy some of the nation’s top courses this weekend!”

    Field Archery
    The National Field Archery Association was founded in 1939 as the governing body for field archery. The first NFAA Outdoor National Field was held in 1946 in Allegan, MI. The tournament has seen multiple homes across the country in its 72-year history. It is currently held on a 3-year rotation to the West Coast (Darrington, WA), Midwest (Yankton, SD), and East Coast (Mechanicsburg, PA).  Field courses consist of 28-targets and offer unique challenges with varying distances, shooting angles, target sizes, and topography. The National Field Archery Association headquarters is located within the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center in Yankton, SD.
    Follow daily results at www.nfaausa.com/tournament/outdoor-field-nationals/.  Interviews with NFAA President, Bruce Cull will be available by appointment. Please contact Nancy Wenande at 605-260-9282 or by email nwenande@neyac.org.


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